It seems like a law of nature that no matter how big your garage is, or how often you clean it, you never have a huge amount of clearance for parking your car. And it might not be that parking your car is hard per se, but you might be tired of guessing each time if you are really parked as close as you can be.

Park safer, easier, and faster with a parking assistant.

There are several different models to pick from, ranging in price and features.

Simple Physical Parking Aids

Although very inexpensive, these are still a great step-up from the “tennis ball on a string” trick, for about the same price actually.

Camco AccuPark Parking Strip

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Camco AccuPark - Parking Strip Aid

Park Ranger – Visual Parking Aid

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Park Ranger - Simple Parking Aid - by Tkach

Electronic Parking Assistants and Sensors

These are more expensive and usually harder to install than the previous options, but might feel faster and more accurate to some users.

STKR Concepts – Traffic Light Parking Sensor

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STKR Concepts - Parking Sensor Traffic Light

Laser Line Parking Assistant (by GoodChief)

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Good Chief - Universal Laser Line Parking Assistant


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