Cutting with dull knives is not just frustrating and slow, it can also be more dangerous! Rather than buying a whole new set of knives, you can use this 2-stage knife sharpener by KitchenIQ to restore almost any knife to pristine cutting condition, and maintain that precise cutting edge at any time.

The 50009 Edge Grip sharpener has an astounding 50,000+ reviews on Amazon, but if you don’t want to go off stats alone, just consider the benefits of this model:

  • “Edge Grip”: This refers to the angle (“V” shape) cut into the bottom of the sharpener. You can use this to anchor the sharpener on the edge of a table or countertop while using it, for stability and better positioning
  • Dual sharpening slots, offered in two stages: Use the “Coarse” slot for blades that are more dull or damaged, and need extra restoration. Use the “Fine” slot for blades that need refinement and polishing (e.g. regular maintenance), or after using the “Coarse” slot.
  • Small size: Easily store away when not in use
  • Quality construction: Carbide blades and ceramic rods, with stainless steel accents
  • Offered in multiple styles: Black, Red, Green, etc.