One of the most annoying things about travelling (at least in my opinion) is packing. In addition to being limited by the physical space of your suitcase, you also have to think about the weight limits of your selected airline and/or train, taxi, etc.

Take the guesswork out of avoiding overweight baggage fees and know exactly how much  your luggage weighs ahead of time, with this portable luggage scale by Etekcity. Also great for taking with you, and avoiding overweight bags on the return journey as well, after adding trinkets you’ve picked up on your travels to your suitcases.

Luggage Scale Features:

  • Accurate: Measures in 0.1lb (50g) increments, up to 110 lbs. (50kg) total!
  • Portable: Easily fits in your luggage or purse
  • Easy to read: Automatically locks the final weight results for easy reading
  • Easy to use: Features tare and auto-off features, plus a low battery warning
  • Multiple units: Switch between lb or kg with the click of a button
  • Bonus: Built-in thermometer

I’ll Just Use the Scale Trick!

If you have a regular body / bathroom scale at home, you might use the old standard trick (weight yourself with and without the suitcase, and compute the difference), and think that you don’t need this product. You would be wrong!

There are multiple ways that a luggage scale is better than the bathroom scale approach:

  • Better accuracy
    • Bathroom scales typically measure in 0.5 or 0.2 lb increments – in comparison, this luggage scale measures in 0.1 lb increments
  • Easier to use
    • It can be awkward to hold a bulky piece of luggage and try to position yourself on a bathroom scale, all while also trying to read out the measurement
    • A luggage scale quickly hooks into the handle or straps of your luggage and you simply lift up to get a measurement
  • Extra features
    • This luggage scale features a built-in thermometer

But, what is probably the most important advantage to the luggage scale over a typical scale is its portability. What people often forget about it, until its too late, is knowing the weight of your luggage on the return journey. Many travelers like to purchase souvenirs, food, or other tangibles on their trips, and tack those items back with them. If your hotel room does not have a scale, or you are purchasing these items last minute at the airport, your bathroom scale sitting back at your home is not going to be much help to you at that point. But, this portable luggage scale which easily fits into a suitcase pocket and barely takes up any space, is the perfect solution for those moments.