Some people that see this product might think “Why not just use a full standing nightstand and/or accent table?”¬† – fair question, but there are multiple excellent reasons why this minimalist bedside shelf is a good buy.

The main point of a beside shelf is “easy access” – a full nightstand might be more conventional, but it is much easier to grab your phone, book, or drink off one of these attached bed shelves than it is a detached nightstand.

Furthermore, for many of us, our smartphone has replaced much of what would be on a conventional nightstand. Our phone might be our alarm clock, radio, music player, and even nighttime reading material. As such, buying a full night table just to have a place to rest our phone at night seems like overkill, as it costs way more and takes up more space than one of these nifty bedside tables. And again, these are much easier to slip a smartphone on and off of in the middle of the night, within arms reach.

Purchase Options

There are two main bed shelf brands on Amazon that seem like strong contenders.

The first is a “one size fits all” plastic model from Modern Innovations. At roughly $20, it is very inexpensive, although still attractive and sturdy (can hold up to 50 pounds):

Modern Innovations - Bedside Shelf Table

However, if you value quality and style above price, you might want to look at the higher rated and more “artisanal” product – the “BedShelfie” line of products, such as the BedShelfie Original Model, pictured below.

BedShelfie - Original Model - Wood

At roughly¬†double the price of the Model Innovations model, it might seem like a hard sell, but just look at the pictures and ratings for BedShelfie versus Modern Innovations, and you can see that there definitely is some aspect of “you get what you pay for” in play…


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