You might think that there are not many ways to improve upon the standard kitchen timer, but… you would be wrong! This digital dual kitchen timer is a wonderful improvement on the old standard, with a large easy-to-read digital display, colored LED indicators, adjustable volume, and more!

One of my favorite features is that it has a “mute” volume mode, where the timer will not make any noise when it goes off, but will still flash the LED indicator light. This means I can use it at night, without disturbing others in the house.


  • Multi-function: Both of the dual sections can be used in either the standard timer mode, or, in stopwatch mode (counting up)!
  • Memory function: You can have it remember and recall a timer duration that you frequently use
  • Large display: Easy to read, even from a significant distance
  • Multiple Volume Modes: Pick from “High”, “Low”, and even “Mute”
  • Magnetic Backing: Easy to stick on your fridge, oven, etc.
  • Integrated kickstand: makes it easy to use on your counter or desk
  • Incredible battery life: This model has an on/off switch, but even with leaving it on continuously, the batteries will last an incredibly long time before needing replacement.

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