Electrical tape is good for a quick fix, but can leave messy residue, warp, and is not very nice to look at. Heat shrink tubing is a much better alternative, especially for tasks such as repairing headphone cables, stripped insulation on electrical cables, and manual patches between lengths of wire. To “shrink” heat shrink tubing you need a heat gun, which is where the ECG HG-300D is a perfect tool to use. Meant for small to medium tasks, the HG-300D Mini Heat Gun is a very versatile and portable tool, yet still powerful enough to handle almost any standard heat shrinking requirement.


  • Versatile – offers 2 speed/temperature settings
  • Quiet – air flows with minimal noise
  • Compact – slim design makes it easy to pack up and take with you
  • Safe – comes with bracket that functions as a table top stand, and has easy off switch.

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