For many of us, for whatever reason, it is hard to always get enough sleep and be rested enough to work through the day (which is unfortunately necessary to put money in the bank). Coffee helps, but can be slow to perk you up, while things like 5-hour energy and other alertness products tend to be filled with psuedoscience and strange unnecessary ingredients.


Military Energy Gum, or MEG for short, is a way to QUICKLY get a lot of caffeine into your body, up to five times faster than having a cup of coffee or alertness pills. Let’s be honest; it is not going to taste as good as Juicy Fruit, but when you are nearly falling asleep on the job, you might want the gum that was recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.


  • Powerful – delivers 100mg of caffeine
  • Fast – get caffeine into your system five times faster than conventional methods
  • Flavorful – choose from a few different flavors
  • Low calorie – On a diet? Get the same caffeine as your cup of coffee without the fattening creamer and high calorie sugar.

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