Why use the Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker?

As much as I enjoy eating pasta, making it always seems easier on paper than it is in actuality. Even¬†though it isn’t that complicated to make, I hate having to use and clean pots, strainers, and colanders. The Original “Fasta Pasta” Microwave Pasta Cooker is perfect for people like myself, who want freshly cooked pasta without having to scour a pot or watch water boil. The Fasta Pasta is an all-in-one microwave pasta cooker and strainer that consistently cooks pasta evenly, simply, and to al dente perfection.

The Fasta Pasta is simple to use:

To use, simply measure pasta with the built-in serving size holes in the lid of the container, add water to the matching fill line, microwave, and then strain the pasta right in the Fasta Pasta by using the attached lid with built in strainer. Makes a perfect batch of pasta in 15 minutes or less!

The Fasta Pasta can be used for more than just simple spaghetti!

You can also use the microwave cooker for larger pasta like lasagna noodles, macaroni, or even soups, rice, or vegetables!