You’ve ordered yourself something fun and after waiting patiently for the mail to arrive, you finally have your new gadget in hand. Uh-oh… is that… BLISTER PACKAGING??? NO!!!!

Reaction to Blister Packaging

You get your scissors and, while sobbing heavily, spend 10 minutes trying to cut through the thick plastic clamshell packaging, while of course also cutting yourself multiple times.

It doesn’t have to be this way! The Zibra 5-in-1 Package Opener is an “as-seen-on-TV” product that actually lives up to its claims. It is the safest and easiest tool out there for opening any kind of packaging with ease. Multiple safety features make it hard to accidentally injure yourself while using it, despite the blades being sharp enough to slice through incredibly thick plastic packaging like butter. It can also handle zip and twist ties, cardboard, heavy paper, CD and DVD cellophane and stickers, blisterwrap, and pretty much any product wrapping you can throw at it.

This package openerĀ is easily worth every penny, and while you are picking one up for yourself, you might as well purchase another to give away – these make the perfect gift because you know they will get used over and over again.

Zibra Open-It Features:

  • Safe: Extra safety features prevent you from getting injured while opening packages
  • Versatile: Handles all kinds of packaging, plus includes slide out screwdriver for opening battery compartments and a bottle cap opener
  • Powerful: Slice through thick plastic effortlessly
  • Durable: Will basically last forever
  • Useful: Will easily become one of the most used tools in your household!

Zibra Open-It Images:

Video Demo (Zibra Package Opener):