Let’s face it; most guitar and bass amps are not exactly compact and portable. This is usually an acceptable trade-off when desiring a large volume output, but what about when you want to practice by yourself, late at night, or on the go, or with your own headphones or stereo set? Well, VOX has you covered.

The VOX amPlug G2 line of portable guitar and bass headphone amplifiers provides portability and isolated listening, without compromising on quality or performance. Each model is based on a high-quality analog circuit that produces a consistent clean sound.

The AC320 model also features nine selectable effects, built with a combination of tremolo, chorus, delay, and reverb. It even includes a 3.5mm aux input port, so that you can mix another source, such as another player, into the output!


  • Foldable plug – rotates a full 180 degrees to fit any guitar or bass
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 3.5mm aux input jack
  • Extremely portable – just needs 2 AAA batteries and you are good to go!