It seems like no matter how many tools you own, there is always a moment when you find a screw, bolt, or nut that doesn’t fit *any* of the adapters you own. And, it always seems to be a time when you need something fixed right away. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a universal tool that could adapt instantly for those situations?

Well, there is! Meet: The Universal Socket Grip Adapter (by RAK).

This unique tool is a stainless steel socket that contains 54 hardened steel rods, individually spring-driven, that work in tandem to adapt to almost any shape in milliseconds. It can instantly adapt for sizes from 1/4in to 3/4in (7mm to 19mm), and can even grip things that normal sockets can’t, like screw eyes, hooks, and stripped heads.

It includes a standard 3/8″ adapter, so you can easily attach the socket to a power drill, socket wrench, or ratchet driver.


  • Versatile: Fits 7mm to 19mm, nuts, bolts, and even non-standard shapes
  • Durable: Made out of stainless steel, designed to provide maximum torque power
  • Compact: The perfect size to throw in a tool box, go-bag, or organized drawer. So many uses for such a small tool!
  • Highly Rated: At the time of writing, the RAK Universal Socket Grip has a 4.6/5 rating, with over 2,100 reviews!

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