About the TubShroom Drain Protector:

The Juka Innovations TubShroom Drain Strainer and Hair Catcher is a revolutionary drain protector that is simple to use, yet extremely effective. Unlike unsightly drain protectors or plugs that sit on top of the drain, the TubShroom actually fitsĀ inside your shower drain, catching every single strand of hair as it tries to enter your drain pipe. Its patented design allows for water to continue flowing through the bathtub drain, uninterrupted, even as the TubShroom fills up with collected hair. Finally, when it is time to dispose of the hair it has collected, the TubShroom can simply be wiped off to clean it, rather than requiring the use of harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and your hands.

The TubShroom fits almost any drain, as it works with any standard 1.5 inch to 1.75 inch inch bathtub or shower drain opening. They also offer other products for different sized drains – “SinkShroom“, “ShowerShroom“, and “StopShroom“.

Tub Shroom Image Gallery: