“One sec… hold on, I got this…”
“I meant to hit my thumb”
“My fingernail has always been that purple”
“It always bleeds like that, calm down.”

Even if you aren’t an avid DIY-er, the chances are that at some point in your life you have needed to nail something to another thing. And if you are like most of us, you have also accidentally smashed a finger while holding a nail and trying to hammer it. Although it may be entertaining to anyone watching you, it can really hurt, both physically to your hand, and emotionally, as you cry later in the shower over how you can’t even hit a nail with a hammer.

Thanks to the ThumbSaver, you can say goodbye to smashing fingers and trouble setting small nails, as this handy device holds the nail in place for you, so if you miss with the hammer, the ThumbSaver can be the one to take all the emotional and physical abuse from the hammer.


  • Good for the advanced DIY-er to the complete novice
  • Ultra Durable – don’t worry about hitting it with the hammer!
  • Doubles as a magnetic picker-upper for loose nails or pieces
  • Comes with two differently sized holders
  • Also good for positioning nails in hard to reach spaces
  • Multi-use: good for nails, staples, screws, you name it!