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A collection of awesome products from various retail websites, laid out in a gallery view, with tons of pictures and short descriptions!

Set of 20 Vibrant Colored Masking Tapes

Incredible value - a variety pack of 20 different colored reels of masking tape by MT Washi - high quality and vibrantly colored.

Pantone Postcard Box Set (100 Postcards) (Card Stock)

This set of 100 genuine Pantone postcards in a decorative box makes a great gift for an artist, or inject some color into your own postcards you send out!

Sugru Moldable Glue

Sugru is a very unique "moldable glue" that bonds to almost anything and turns into long lasting silicone rubber after application!

160 LED Dimmable Camera Light (CN-160)

The NEEWER CN-160 LED Camera Light is an incredibly powerful and effective camera light for almost any DSLR or video camera. Features hot shoe mount and filters

The Noteboard Pocket-Size Dry Erase-Board (NB35X15)

Two Words: "Portable Whiteboard". Another two words "dual sided". There. Your interest should now be piqued.

AquaNotes Waterproof Paper and Pencil

A completely waterproof pad that you can use in the shower to jot down all your spontaneous ideas! Works with any pencil!

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