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A collection of awesome products from various retail websites, laid out in a gallery view, with tons of pictures and short descriptions!

Plastic Razor Blade Scraper Kit

This plastic razor blade scraper kit is safer for both you and what you are working on. Remove debris and residue from delicate surfaces without damaging.

Classic 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser by Better Living Products

Keep your shower tidy and stop dealing with messy shampoo and soap bottles - get a multi-chambered shower dispenser!

TubShroom Drain Strainer and Protector by Juka Innovations

Prevent annoying drain clogs before they happen with the TubShroom Drain Strainer - it catches hair for easy removal before it can enter your pipes!

AquaNotes Waterproof Paper and Pencil

A completely waterproof pad that you can use in the shower to jot down all your spontaneous ideas! Works with any pencil!

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