With more of us working from home than ever before (what a strange year), many of us are realizing just how uncomfortable sitting at our home desks all day can be. Especially if we previously enjoyed a standing desk at our place of employment.

Standing desks are expensive, not to mention big and bulky, but these standing desk converters are the perfect in-between solution; they sit on your regular desk, and raise and lower your monitor, keyboard, laptop, and any other desktop accessories, with ease and convenience.

Most of these standing desk converters, although slim and easy to lift, can actually support an impressive amount of weight – often 30+ pounds!

For example, this Vivo 32 Inch Standing Desk Riser can support up to 33 Lbs., while still being adjustable from just 4.5″, all the way to an extended 20″! And with a 4.7/5 rating and 1,800+ reviews, it seems the verdict is in on this being a good pick if you are in the market for a standing desk converter!

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