Sitting for hours at a time, hunched over a keyboard and working away, isn’t just mentally taxing; it is also physically taxing on your back and whole body. Standing desks are a wonderful solution to this problem, but they can be prohibitively expensive, large, and cumbersome. Meet the Lorell Adjustable Sit-To-Stand Monitor Riser, a great solution that sits right in the middle.

Do not be deceived by the affordability and compactness of this monitor riser, as it is fully capable of supporting multiple monitors, and a built in gas spring even makes lowering and raising the riser an easy task. Furthermore, it offers five different  height adjustments, allowing a seamless transition from sitting to fully standing. The built-in ergonomic keyboard tray also raises and lowers your keyboard and mouse, or other work accessories, as the monitor or laptop rises above.

This is a wonderful product for a home office, student dorm, or even a corporate office that is looking to incorporate standing desks without having to replace all their current desks!

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Monitor Riser Images: