You would think that there wouldn’t be much room for innovation in the field of tape dispensers, but after using the MMMH103R automatic tape dispenser from Scotch, I can say that this is untrue. This tape dispenser not only looks stylish and is much more compact than traditional tape dispensers, but it also makes it much easier to giftwrap presents, tape items one handed, and avoid tape sticking to itself. To dispense tape, simple pull the blue trigger and a measured amount of tape will exit (about half an inch). You can keep pressing the trigger over and over to dispense a longer section, but it is much easier just to pull the tape manually after pressing the trigger.

My favorite feature is the built in cutter, a small mechanism that cuts the tape right as it exits the dispenser (right by the blue scissor icon in the picture) and is activated by sliding the blue ridged slider towards the back of the dispenser.

Although it might seem like a pricier dispenser, it is very easy to refill – just slide off the clear blue cover, pop in a new roll, and feed the end of the tape through the tip of the dispenser before placing the cover back on.


  • One-handed operation!
  • Refillable with standard scotch tape
  • Dispenses in about 0.75 inch increments, or just pull/glide the tape to any desired length
  • Built-in blade cuts the tape at any desired length; just pull back on the slider
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • No more having tape getting stuck to the dispenser!