The Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone is a must-have for any musician, podcaster, or audio recorder on the go. It offers professional studio-quality audio capturing in a portable microphone with built-in stand/clip, weighing in at only 0.23 lbs! With Plug and Play capabilities, there is no messy installation process to go through when using the device, regardless if you are using a Mac or a PC. It functions as a standard audio input device too, so in addition to using it with standard studio software such as Pro Tools or Audacity, you can also use it with software such as Skype and Google Hangouts.


  • High quality: two condensers capture audio to a 16 bit / 44.1kHZ studio-quality¬†stream
  • Versatile: Switch from cardiod to omnidirectional pickup patterns with a built-in switch
  • Built in stereo monitoring output – 1/8″ headphone output
  • Comes with everything you need: USB cable, carrying case, cable clip
  • Compatible with any computer supporting standard USB audio devices


Samson Go Mic - Specifications

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