OK, the “healthy cooking” logo on the label might be a stretch (you still are eating ramen after all), but this is indeed a faster and easier way to cook ramen. The Rapid Ramen Cooker (as featured on Shark Tank) is a great way to cook yourself a depressing meal in as little time as possible, so you have more time to consider the mistakes you have made in life.

All kidding aside, this is a nifty product; cook faster, easier, and with less mess to clean up.



  • As Seen on TV – That’s how you know it is a good product. Since when has TV ever lied?
  • Dishwasher safe – Less time washing dishes, more time to spend at the doctors office wondering why your sodium is so high.
  • Doubles a birth control! – Once your significant other gets a glimpse of this product, they are gone forever. But jokes on them; now you get double the Ramen all to yourself!