About the QuickFire All Purpose Fire Starters:

As fun as it is gathering kindling for a fire and arranging your pile of tinder to light, sometimes nature is just not on your side and the process doesn’t go smoothly. Maybe it has just rained, and the wood is damp and has trouble catching, while the wind blows smoke in your watering eyes. Maybe you are trying to light an indoor fireplace and your knees are bothering you reaching down to struggle with your lighter. Whatever the scenario, you will be much happier if you have a pack of QuickFire FireStarters on hand!

QuickFire All Purpose FireStarters are individually sealed pouches of odorless fire-starting material. Simply light the pouch with a match or lighter and it will catch instantly and provide up to 10 minutes of high intensity flame, at over 750 degrees! The pouches burn with a flame that has no odor, no smoke, no fumes, and is food-safe! That makes the QuickFire FireStarters ideal for almost any fire starting scenario, outdoors or indoors! You can even completely submerge the pouch in water and it will still catch afterwards!

QuickFire FireStarter Features:

  • Works for starting almost any fire: Campfires, wood burning stoves, wood pellets, smokers, fireplaces, etc.
  • Waterproof: You can completely submerge the pouches in water and they will still start afterwards. Each pouch is fully sealed.
  • Never Expires
  • Safe: Odorless, non-toxic, smokeless, no fumes, food-safe, even safe for indoor use.
  • Inexpensive: At roughly $0.50 per pouch, these are very cheap to buy and store for whenever you might need them.