Many of us have replaced the recipe book with the ever versatile tablet – we look up recipes online, view cooking videos on YouTube, get inspiration from Pinterest, and maybe even look at funny cat videos while we wait for something to bake. However, many of us also struggle with keeping our tablets clean while in the kitchen, as well as keeping them from falling over, staying charged, and at a comfortable viewing angle. The Prepara iPrep tablet stand solves all these issues. With a weighted base and adjustable angles, your tablet is always easy to view. With the included slideout stylus, you can keep your hands covered with flour off the screen. And finally, when you don’t need it, the Prepara Tablet Holder folds flat for easy storage – leaving your kitchen clutter free.


  • Fits all types of tablets – Kindles, iPad, Fire, Galaxy, Surface, etc.
  • Easy viewing – Has four adjustable angles
  • Stays in one spot – Non-slip grips and a weighted base keep the holder from moving around
  • Keeps your tablet clean – Use the included stylus to keep dirty hands from smudging the screen

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