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Is the moment your alarm clock goes off the worst moment of your morning? Tired of being jolted awake by blaring music, the awful news of the day, or the shrill beep-beep sound of your clock radio? There is another way to wake up and the gentle, gradual method of the Philips Wake-Up Light HF3470 is the perfect natural method that your body craves. The Wake-Up Light simulates sunrise, so your body wakens slowly, allowing you to start your day with increased energy and in a positive frame of mind. With the choice of natural sounds or FM radio, as well as different light levels, you can adjust the Wake-Up Light to your own sound preference as well as the speed at which you wish to wake up. Recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, the Wake-Up Light would make a great gift for someone who always gets up on the wrong side of the bed or for yourself if mornings are the most difficult part of your day.


  • Choice of two natural sounds or radio (both optional)! Wake to birds or wind chimes- and the sound increases gradually over a period of 90 seconds to the volume you preset.
  • Snooze button if you need a little more rest after alarm
  • Choose your own light level up to 250 lux. The brighter the light, the quicker you’ll wake up. Allow yourself up to 30 minutes using the dimmer settings. Your body will thank you for the gradual wake-up!
  • Use as a bedside lamp with 20 different light settings!  Great for reading in bed!
  • Easy-to-read digital display with menu, select and volume buttons located just below the time display.
  • Inexpensive replaceable bulb, easy to find at stores
  • Clinically proven to provide a more pleasant wake-up experience
  • Safe and 100% UV free.