First, a disclaimer: This pet carrier is not perfect for all pets – you should use a carrier that works best for your pet, that they are comfortable in, and also works for you. Some pets prefer a dark and isolated space while being transported, so this bubble carrier would be the wrong option for them. However, if your pet is inquisitive, and loves to see around them at all times, this might be the right carrier for the both of you. Also please note that is specific model is for smaller pets (dogs under 8 lbs and cats under 10 lbs), but they have a larger model available for larger pets – https://amzn.to/2Dy6Kin

About the Pet Space Capsule Carrier Backpack:

Welcome to the future of pet carrier technology! This futuristic looking cat and dog carrier backpack features a very unique bubble design that lets your pet see the world around them as they are transported around. Multiple air vents, holes, and mesh material ensure that your pet gets plenty of fresh air, while a waterproof outer shell keeps them dry and comfortable. The shoulder straps and padded back mean that you can keep your beloved pet close to your body, for maximum comfort and peace-of-mind. Finally, multiple safety features like interior hooks and security locks prevent accidental opening and runaway pets.

These pet capsule carriers are available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations, so be sure to browse through to find your favorite!

Pet Space Capsule Carrier Backpack – Lots of options:

Pet Capsule Carrier – Additional Images:

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