About the OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush:

It is a little gross to talk about, but pretty much all of our favorite gadgets have little nooks and crevices where dirt, dust, and other crud accumulates and is hard to remove without scratching or taking apart your device. Think of the ridge around trackpads, around charging ports on mobile devices, your keyboard, grooves in a watch; the list goes on and on. For a solution that will clean these crannies with ease, without damaging your devices, turn to the OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush.

The OXO GoodGrips Electronics Cleaning Brush is a dual-sided cleaning brush that is ideal for careful detailing and dirt removal on sensitive electronics. One side features an incredibly soft retractable bristle head, like a very soft paintbrush, while the other is a precision silicon wiper head that is rigid enough to apply pressure, but soft enough to not scratch or blemish.

GoodGrips Electronics Cleaning Brush Features:

  • Dual Sided:¬†One side is a gentle bristle head, while the other is a soft yet firm silicon precision tip
  • Versatile: Works great on tablets, keyboards, laptops, cameras, toys, kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Portable:¬†Compact design makes it easy to stash in a purse, camera bag, briefcase, laptop bag, car, etc.