The Nu Board is a very high-quality portable whiteboard solution, produced in Japan with a patented surface treatment process. Due to the combination of this unique whiteboard surface, and the built-in clear separator sheets, your drawings or notes won’t smudge, even when the notebook is completely closed, which is something you won’t find true with other whiteboard products.

The Nu Board whiteboard notebook is offered in two sizes, the memo size, and the larger A4 size (which is the size of a standard printed page).

Nu Board Features:

  • Quality Whiteboard Surface: Uses patented surface technology, less likely to smudge
  • Double layer design: translucent plastic insert sheets between the whiteboard surfaces
    • You can also draw/write on these, and overlay them on top of the whiteboard pages
  • Stylish design: Banded notebook looks right in business or artistic setting
  • Included premium Pilot pen

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