As an adult that uses coins probably only a handful of times a year, I’m still tempted to buy this metal mailbox coin bank by Rhode Island Novelty, just because of how cute and eye-catching it is. That being said, you actually could use this for more than just a piggybank – the slot and change holder is large enough to accommodate slips of paper, so perhaps you could even use this as a suggestion box at work, or for another similar use? It would also make a great stamp roll holder and dispenser, if you threaded the stamps through the coin deposit slot. Additionally, the package drawer at the top does open and close, which allows for slightly larger items to be “deposited”.

Furthermore, measuring at 7.5 inches tall, this is actually a decent sized bank, and makes a great decorative piece as well.

Of course, this truly works best when used for its intended purpose; being an adorable piggy bank. Help the children in your life get excited about saving money and financial responsibility – you might find yourself asking to deposit their coins for them just to hear the satisfying metal clink as the coins drop into the mailbox.

No matter how you want to use this mailbox themed bank, it is sure to be a conversion-starter, and don’t be surprised if people are bugging you to find out where you got it.

In addition to the Amazon linked at the top, I have also found this for sale here:

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