“Is that a mortar and pestle in your kitchen?”.

I nod at my guests while they stare, slack-jawed in awe, at my beautiful granite marble set.

“A true chef knows that fresher is better – and there is nothing fresher than grinding spices yourself.”, I say.

Their mouths watering, my guests slowly sit themselves down at my table, while keeping their eyes glued on me, as I sprinkle the pepper I just ground from fresh peppercorns onto the exquisite platter I have just prepared.

“Just kidding. Hope you like pizza bagels you stupid sons of b-“

OK, none of that actually happened, but you do have to admit that this mortar and pestle set is both easy on the eyes and on the wallet. Even if, like me, your oven rarely gets a workout, this is still a nice piece to have in your kitchen to impress your guests when they come over. And hey, they don’t need to know that you used it to crush up M&Ms to put on your ice cream at 1 in the morning.

This Sagler Marble Grey Mortar and Pestle measures 3.75 inches in diameter, and is made out of real solid white marble. Although the outside has an attractive polished look, the inside is left rough to allow for the best grinding surface possible. In addition to being great for crushing up herbs and spices, this mortar and pestle set is also well suited for pulverizing medications and pills into powders, for dissolving or faster absorption. Plus, you can feel like an old-fashioned apothecary worker!