The PQI My Lockey – Mini USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows

Most people know that they should keep their laptops and desktop computers secured, but many can’t be bothered to remember complicated passwords or deal with complicated login screens every time they open their computer. Fingerprint readers are a great solution to this problem, as there is no passwords to remember, no complicated login screens, and they provide a level of security beyond a password that could be brute-forced.

The PQI My Lockey is a popular Mini USB Fingerprint reader that boasts one of the fastest fingerprint recognition speeds (within 0.15 seconds), as well as exceptional support for Windows computers and the Windows Hello interface, a compact design, and support for up to 10 fingerprints – which means you can use the Lockey with the whole family. In addition the Lockey by PQI has additional security features that are designed to prevent forged fingerprints, as well as support for the new FIDO security specification.

Why should you secure your computer?

I have heard a lot of people use this excuse when explaining why they don’t bother locking their computers: “I have nothing worth stealing”. However, even if you think this applies to you, you are almost certainly wrong. Even if all you have on your laptop is your email and family pictures, someone could use your email account to get into other accounts via password reset links, or impersonate you for identity theft reasons, or any number of other malicious actions.




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