As a daily coffee drinker, I use a lot of coffee related products, like pods, sugar packets, and straws, but I was getting tired of having these scatter through kitchen cabinets and looking unattractive. In looking for a solution, I stumbled across the “Mind Reader” line of coffee organization products, and I could not be more happy with what I found.The Mind Reader organizers are incredibly stylish organizers that can hold sugar packets, straws, mini-creamers, napkins, and more! Most importantly, they are all very compact, so they don’t take up much counterspace, and some can even fit underneath your coffee maker!

Here are a bunch of my favorite organizers out of the Mind Reader product line (please turn off your ad-blocker if the widget below does not load):

One of my favorite things about the Mind Reader products is that they are professional looking, which makes me feel proud of the coffee corner in my kitchen and brings up favorable imagery of coffee shops and barista counters. This also means that a Mind Reader coffee organizer is a great purchase for a home office, or a workspace break-room.

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