Tired of antiquated padlocks that require memorizing combinations or carrying an extra key around? Master Lock has the solution! The 4400D Bluetooth Master Lock Padlock can be unlocked in seconds with your smartphone, and you can even share temporary or permanent access with those you trust, without having to share passwords or combinations! The 4400D also features hardened security features, like an anti-shim locking mechanism, metal body construction, and Bluetooth encryption.

The Master Lock 4400D is the standard “indoor” model of this Bluetooth lock, but they also offer the 4401DLH, which is the “outdoor” model, which is slightly more durable and lasts longer on a single battery.

Master Lock 4400D Bluetooth Lock Features:

  • Long lasting battery: The MaterLock Bluetooth Padlock can last years on a single battery! It will notify you as the battery gets depleted, and if you let the battery die while the lock is closed, you can “jump” the lock and still replace the battery.
    • 4400D Model: Takes (and comes with already installed) a CR2450 lithium button cell battery. Lasts 2 years in “Touch Unlock Mode”, and 4 months in “Swipe Unlock Mode”
    • 4401DLH Model: Takes (and comes with already installed) a CR2 lithium photo battery. Lasts 5 years in “Touch Unlock Mode” and 2 years in “Swipe Unlock Mode”.
  • Secure: Metal body, anti-shim mechanism, military-grade Bluetooth security
  • Easy to use: smartphone apps are easy to use and available for both Android and iOS.

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