What are “retriever tongs”?

Retriever tongs are specialized tongs that are designed to securely clamp onto the edge of a hot bowl, dish, plate, or pot, and allow you to lift the container with ease and dexterity. They provide a level of grip and and strength above that of potholders or standard tongs, and are ideal for both the professional kitchen and the novice.

Retriever Tongs Features:

  • Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Construction
  • Strong: Sturdy construction makes these durable and with a heavy lifting and bearing capacity
    • ABS plastic┬ámakes up the smooth yet secure handles
    • Heat-safe silicon anti-slip mats provides superior gripping abilities on the end of the tongs
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design is comfortable to use
  • Easy to use: As opposed to bulky potholders, which often are hard to grip with, these are easy to use and offer a high level of dexterity
  • Stylish: Although these retriever tongs are first and foremost about functionality, they also come in appealing colors and blend in well with any kitchen.
  • The built-in “safety buckle” can be latched around the handles to keep the tongs in a closed position, which makes them more compact for portability or storage in a drawer.