The Justick Desktop Organizer by Smead is an organizer like none you have seen before; it uses “electro-adhesion” to hold materials in place with just the power of electricity; no magnets, tape, or pushpins necessary!

For this product, you really need to see it in action to appreciate just how nifty it is; check out the video below for a very brief (37 second) demo:


  • Safe: The Justick board uses a small amount of current to power its adhesion – safe for use, and also allows it to be powered off just 4 AA batteries (or a small AC adapter)
  • Wow-factor: Aside from being practical, the Justick board is also eye-catching and is a simple way to spice up your work area, kitchen, etc.
  • Versatile: Works with a variety of paper, photos, business cards, etc.

Looking for other sizes?

If you love the idea of this product, but are looking for a larger version, you are in luck! The Smead company produces a variety of Justick products, all using the same electro-adhesion surface technology. You can browse their complete offerings here.