File this under “why didn’t I invent this?” and “why don’t I own one already!!??”. The Jokari Baggy Rack is a hands-free bag holder, designed to act as an extra set of hands to hold open a plastic bag while you transfer contents to it. I speak from experience when I say that it is insanely frustrating to try and pour something into a Ziploc bag without anyone to help you keep the bag open – most of the time, half the food ends up on the floor. This bag holder solves that issue and makes filling any size bag a breeze. At such a low price, this also makes a great stocking stuffer, and a no-brainer to pick up an extra for yourself!

I purchased one of these Jokari hands-free bag holders for myself about 2 years ago and it is now one of my most used kitchen products. It is awesome for when I want to take snacks to work, such as a ziplock full of Cheerios, and there are way fewer messes that I have to clean up!


  • Hands-free operation!
  • Adjustable – holds most standard sizes of bags
  • Sturdy – non-slip base and durable material composition
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Save space – folds up for easy storage and to save valuable kitchen space

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