What is the Handy Gourmet Triple Candy Machine?

This is a fully mechanical candy machine (meaning no batteries or electricity required) that can hold three different candy variations, dispense them separately, and even spin 360 degrees on its base for easy candy selection. No quarters required to dispense candy; simply use the individual lever dispensers at the bottom of the unit.

The Triple Candy Machine makes a great purchase for the office work desk, coworkers, bosses, or even for the home kitchen! Since it is very easy to operate, this also makes it a fun reward to use with kids after they have completed a chore!

How do you refill the Handy Gourmet Triple Candy Machine?

To refill, simply remove the plastic top, and fill the three compartments with the candy of your choosing! They should be relatively small – ideal candies are gumballs, peanuts, M&Ms, etc.

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