One of my least favorite things about social gatherings is how food is usually handled. There never seems to be a good place to set down a plate, I’m always trying to juggle a drink and lopsided piles of food, and paper plates often get soggy and become accidents waiting to happen. The “Great Plate” is a unique product that solves all these issue; the unique stack-able plates have a built-in beverage holder, plenty of room to hold hamburgers, chips, and other food, and are designed as a durable round dish that is easy to carry and won’t easily tip over.

The Great Plate even floats, which makes it a great beverage holder in the pool!

Great Plate Features:

  • Center beverage holder: Holds cups, cans, bottles, and more!
  • Easy to carry: Carry both your beverage and food with one hand! Easy to balance.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Many uses: Great for parties and social events, but also for holding parts in the garage, painters, and more. It can even be used as a Frisbee after your done with it!