This extremely unique lamp is powered completely by the power of weight and gravity; simply lift the weighted bag to the top, let go, and watch the lamp power itself by gravity as the bag slowly descends back down.

Given that all you need is gravity, and no batteries, solar panels (sun), fuel, or other materials are needed to power this, it is ideal for locations with very tough conditions. You can take it with you camping, leave it outside in your yard, hang it in the garage, or even just keep it around for backup in case of a power outage.

Warning: LED Brightness

The light is not very bright, but this product was invented to replace dim kerosene lamps in places without functional electricity – not to replace lamps powered by plentiful electricity. Still, this lamp is great as a last resort backup, or as the primary solution in situations where electricity is either sparse or non-existent.


  • Completely powered by gravity – no batteries to replace, fuel, or sunlight necessary
    • One lift of the weighted bag provides 20 minutes of light
  • Produced by a company doing good things
    • The product is being used in many countries that are struggling to maintain electricity, and provides a much needed service
    • They also have options to donate units
  • Very unique and one-of-a-kind product

Other Products

Deciwatt, the company behind GravityLight, now has another product entering the market, “NowLight”. Unlike GravityLight, NowLight can store energy before it is needed, and can be charged by pulling a cord (manually), solar power, or DC power. It also has a much brighter (adjustable) output than GravityLight, and even has a 5v charging port. You can find more info about it on Deciwatt’s website.