For me, one of the hardest things about trying to eat healthier is the unfortunate flip-side of eating fresher food; it spoils faster! Usually, the fresher something is, and the less preservatives and added chemicals it has, the shorter it’s shelf-life is.

This is especially problematic for those watching their wallet, since fresh produce, particularly organic, is usually more expensive than other grocery items.

If only there was to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce, without requiring chemicals…


FreshPaper is a unique invention, with a unique history; it was invented by Kavita Shukla, who received her patent for it at the age of 17! She realized that a specialized blend of natural spices, such as fenugreek, could be used to slow bacterial growth, such as the kind that spoils fresh fruit and produce. And she was right; FreshPaper has been shown to extend the shelf-life of produce by up to 2-4x!

FreshPaper comes as a pack of reusable individual sheets, that can easily be tucked in vegetable drawers, produce bags, clam-shell cartons, or wherever else you keep your produce.

FreshPaper is 100% chemical-free, biodegradable, and food-safe.

Why Pay for FreshPaper?

Although FreshPaper is pretty inexpensive, it is still another line item to add to your grocery bill. Why pay for it? Mostly because it pays for itself. Considering that each sheet of FreshPaper can be reused multiple times, a single pack of 8 sheets, at roughly $10, could end up saving you over $50.

Aside from the cost-savings, there is also peace-of-mind with FreshPaper. Food waste is a big issue, with a big environmental footprint, and you will feel better when you can throw away less produce each month. Plus, the FreshPaper sheets themselves are biodegradable and recyclable!

Features of FreshPaper

  • Completely Natural: 100% chemical free, biodegradable, food-safe
  • Effective: Proven to extend freshness for up 2-4x as long
  • Pays for Itself: The small cost is immediately offset by huge savings in not having to repurchase spoiled produce
  • Versatile: The small sheets are easy to toss into any place you store produce