About this Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The 7 Arc Star Levitating Bluetooth speaker might not be the floating car that the magazines said we would have by now, but it is pretty dang cool to look at, and a good speaker as well. This eye-catching piece of technology features a sci-fi themed orb speaker (*COUGH* deathstar *COUGH*) that magnetically levitates full inches above its circular base. In addition, the base can serve as a charging station for your phone, even while it is supporting the speaker ball above it. Finally, the speaker orb itself is rechargeable, and can be used without the base, if you want to take it on the go as a portable speaker.

Offering both Bluetooth and NFC, the Arc Star 7 is also easy to setup and get connected to your mobile device or computer for playing wireless audio. Once you start the music, enjoy a unique auditory experience as the floating speaker delivers 360 degrees of high-quality sound, so there are no “dead spots” and everyone can enjoy the music to the fullest.

7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speakers – Features:

  • Easy to setup: 4 balancing LEDs on the base will guide you while you position the speaker orb to get it levitating. Once setup, the orb will stay suspended as long as powered on!
  • Easy to connect: Built-in Bluetooth and NFC means that the Arc Star 7 is easy to connect to almost any smartphone, tablet, TV, or computer
  • Portable: Both the base and the floating speaker are easy to take on the go
  • Doubles as a phone charger: The powered magnetic base also sports a powerful 1 AMP phone charging port
  • Stylish and eye-catching
  • Conversation starter