About the EyeVac EVPRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum

The EyeVac Professional EVPRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum¬†should be a welcome sight to anyone, like me, that is tired of dealing with dust pans and bending over trying to coax dirt piles to be swept into them without just spreading more dirt all over the place. A stationary vacuum, as its name might imply, stays in one spot, and you sweep directly into the base of it. The EyeVac EVPRO goes a step further though – you don’t even have to manually turn the vacuum on and off – it will automatically turn on and start vacuuming up what you brush under it, as soon as it detects that debris has been swept near its inlet port. Furthermore, since the canister it empties into is bag-less, and it comes with lifetime filters, there are no expensive accessories or replacement parts to buy. Once the capacious 4.8 liter canister is finally full, an indicator light will come on, and then all you have to do is empty the canister and you will be back in business!

EyeVac EVPRO Stationary Vacuum Features:

  • Powerful: 1400 Watt motor provides plenty of suction power
  • Clean: Built in HEPA filter ensures that harmful dust and other particulates are kept off the floor, and out of your air
  • EASY: Completely touchless operation – just sweep dirt directly into the inlet area at the bottom, and the EyeVac will automatically suck it up!
  • Versatile: Great for home use, especially for pet owners, as well as commercial use, such as a barbershop
  • Well Designed: The EyeVac is designed thoughtfully on both the inside and outside. With a sleek minimalist exterior, the EyeVac EVPRO vacuum will blend into any environment.