I’m not going to deny it any longer; I’m lazy. I was born that way, I live my life that way, and I enjoy anything that can help me embrace my sloth-like lifestyle. One major annoyance for lazy people like me is getting up to manually turn things on or off. Although most appliances come with remotes, many still don’t, such as lamps, certain fans, holiday lights, and large appliances.


The Etekcity remote control system solves this annoyance, by adding remote control functionality to any device that plugs into a standard wall electrical socket. Simple plug your device of choice into the outlet switch box, the switch box into your wall, and then you are ready to go. One can even use a single remote to control multiple outlet switches at the same time.


  • Simple to use – no installation, easy to control
  • Safe – low standby power consumption and child-protection is built in
  • Small and stylish – provides functionality without distracting from your existing decor
  • Expandable – you can combine multiple switches with a single remote without having to upgrade the remote

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