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What is the Elgato Stream Deck?

The Elgato Stream Deck is basically a highly customizable visual keyboard; where each of the keys (15 total on this model) can be modified at any time to both look different and do different things, all through easy to use software. For example, if you are a gamer, you might set up a bunch of keys to do things like start or stop a stream, adjust audio levels, or play sound effects. If you are a graphic designer, you might map buttons to Photoshop actions or tool settings. If you are a programmer, you might map buttons to common debug / execute commands or scripts.

Since each key can be reconfigured at any time, there is, literally, and endless realm of possible combinations. And since a single key can be mapped to multiple actions or even opening system applications, you can execute your own advanced combinations of actions based off a single key press.

Key highlights:

  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Mapping software (Stream Deck) is easy to use
    • Easily swap out graphical icons
    • Supports custom icons, in addition to the ones built-in
    • Map to simple built-in actions, or create your own combinations
    • Built-in integrations with Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and more
    • Open applications or files with key presses
    • For more info, check out the software quick start guide
  • Endless combinations
    • You can remap buttons at any time
    • You can group buttons by folders to allow nesting beyond just 15 keys
  • Simple to hook-up
    • Power and controls are over a single USB cable
  • Perfect forĀ so many different occupations and situations:
    • Game streamers (Twitch, YouTube, etc.)
    • Video editors (Premier, After Effects, etc.)
    • Programmers
    • Writers
    • Graphic Designers (PhotoShop, Gimp, etc.)
    • Musicians
    • And more!

Elgato Stream Deck Images: