Let’s be honest – work can frustrating. Looming deadlines, annoying coworkers, a boss that is micromanaging – at times you might feel like flipping your desk over and running out of the office.

My Boss Told Me To Have a Good Day...

It’s only natural that we get angry at work occasionally, but flipping out is usually not an acceptable response. Keep your job and your anger in check with the Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball. With a powerful suction cup, this punching bag adheres to your work desk and provides an easy outlet for that built-up anger. Give it a whack!


  • Strong spring keeps the punching bag bouncing bag after a hit
  • Durable – wail on it all you want and it will hold up
  • Includes everything you need – including the pump to inflate it
  • Conversation starter

Note: You can also purchase this at Vat19 instead of at Amazon

Desktop Punching Bag Video: