If you fall asleep to audio, you NEED these sleep headphones! CozyPhones are headphones in the form of a contoured sleep headband, plus a cool mesh lining!

CozyPhones feature cushioned speakers enclosed in a comfortable sleep headband that contours to your head and covers your ears with the perfect fit. For connecting to your audio devices, it has  a 52-inch 3.5mm braided cord (fits phones, MP3 players, etc). Its portable design and comfortable fit also make it the perfect travel accessory for plane or road trips.

Although this new contour series features wicking fleece that prevents them from becoming too warm during the night, they can still help keep your head from becoming too cold as well while going out for a jog – another great use for the CozyPhones.

Note: CozyPhones used to be branded as “Halo Acoustic” Sleep Headphones – which is why some images feature that label.

CozyPhones Features:

  • Unique lining: Cool mesh lining is superior to competing sleep phones because it doesn’t get uncomfortable warm throughout the night.
  • Durable: the 52-inch cord and headband are made to last
  • Multi-use: Great for music, movies, TV, etc.
  • No batteries required!

CozyPhones Image Gallery:

Similar Product:

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones is a very similar product, but is not made out of any wicking cool mesh material. Thus they can get uncomfortably warm during the night.