Who thought keeping cereal and other dry food fresh could look so stylish? Zevro offers this “Honey-Can-Do” Dry Food Dispenser in a singe dispenser or dual dispenser configuration, both available for a very reasonable price. Each dispenser can hold up to 17.5 ounces, which is more than the average box of cereal, and dispenses 1 ounce of dry food with each twist of the dispenser knob. Keep your dry food fresh without dealing with frustrating resealable bags, cumbersome containers, or chip clips.

The great thing about this inexpensive dispenser is that it is also great for a multitude of dry food beyond just cereal. Here are some examples:

  • Dry beans
  • Rice
  • Dog food
  • Dog treats
  • Candy
  • Nuts
  • Small crackers, like Cheez-Its
  • Coffee beans
  • Jelly beans
  • And much, much more!