You press the button, the soda can drops to the bottom of the vending machine, making a satisfying clang. You pick it up, feeling the cool beads of condensation forming on the outside, bend the soda can tab, hearing the wonderful “snap” then “hissss”, and then finally raise it up to your lips… only to awkwardly spill half of it down the front of your shirt while uncomfortably gulping down the rest of it along with a lot of air.

Lets face it, drinking from soda cans with those annoying pop tabs is uncomfortable and well… hard to do gracefully. So why hasn’t someone invented someone to make it easier? They have! Meet the “bottle tops”, an as-seen-on-tv product that actually is useful.

These simple plastic tops fit over any standard soda can, energy drink, or even alcoholic canned drinks, and attach with a quick snap, turning your can into a bottle with a twist off cap. They are inexpensive, durable, and leak proof, so feel free to take them on a jog, a bike ride, or camping. While a soda tab lets a soda can stay open and lose carbonation, a bottle top will keep the carbonation sealed in, making your drink stay fizzier for a longer amount of time. What about other scenarios though? Is this product really useful for ordinary occasions? Just take a look at the below list of advantages this product offers and then decide for yourself.


Bottle tops are:

  • Easy to clean: they are dishwasher-safe, or for an even simpler clean, just run them under tap water
  • Leak proof: seal in carbonation longer, keep insects and other unwanted things out of your drink, prevent spills, but has separate twist off bottle cap to use when you want to take a sip
  • Easier to drink: instead of having to put your lips on metal and messily slurp from a metal tabbed opening, the bottle top allows you to drink from your can although it were a bottle, with a round circular opening and a twist on cap.
  • Inexpensive: they are reusable and cost little to start with ($6-7)
  • Distinctly colored: 6 distinct colors make it easy to tell which drink belongs to which person


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Other product:

A similar product, the Jokari Beverage Deluxe Can Cap also fits over cans to  provide a more comfortable way to drink your beverage and keep it carbonated. The only benefit of this kind over the Bottle Tops is that this one has a filtered opening. While this may make it harder to drink out of, it means that you can leave it completely open and not have to worry about bugs crawling in. On the downside, this product is more expensive, harder to drink out of, and overall not as good as the Bottle Tops.

Jokari Beverage Snap and Sip Can Caps

Another similar product is these “Premium Soda Can Lids” by “Top Quality”. They are a bit more simplistic than the tops above, but also a bit cheaper.
Premium Soda Can Lids by Top Quality