It is kind of hard to describe the Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet, because there really isn’t any other device like it. Think of it as a cross between a whiteboard, etch-a-sketch, and a notepad. Simply put, it is a pressure-sensitive surface on which you can write and draw, and then to erase, simply press a button. It is lightweight, extremely thin, and best of all, does not require any batteries or charging. Use it to leave notes for family members, jot down reminders, form a grocery list, or even just to draw for fun!

Boogie Board Features:

  • Good for the environment and your wallet – Save paper waste!
  • Does not require charging or power supply! – the battery is built into the device and never needs replacing!
  • Save time and effort – to erase, simply press a button
  • Unique and novel – kids and even adults will get a thrill out of the one-of-a-kind writing surface
  • Stylish – artistic and sleek, the Boogie Board looks attractive anywhere you put it! Leave it on a counter, stick it to your fridge, you have many options!

Boogie Board LCD Tablet Pictures: