This ingenious device, the American Red Cross Blackout Buddy by Eton, is a combination flashlight and nightlight, that you leave plugged into an electrical outlet and will automatically turn on in the event of a power outage. Unlike traditional flashlights, you don’t have to remember to keep bulky batteries around or even remember where the flashlight is, since it will be an easy to find beacon once your house loses power.

Here are some benefits of the Eton Blackout Buddy:

  • Manual mode: You can use the Blackout Buddy at any time as either a flashlight or nightlight
  • Automatic Blackout Detection: Leave the Blackout Buddy plugged into an electrical outlet, and it will detect when there is a power outage and automatically light up.
  • Long lasting: A full charge will last 4 hours!
  • LED Bulbs: 4 LED lights (3 for the flashlight, 1 for the nightlight) means a bright white light that won’t burn out.

More pictures: