Typically, installing a doorbell system requires a mess of long wires, drilling holes, and dealing with electrical connections. No longer!

The Nekteck Kinetic Wireless Doorbell system is not just wireless, but unlike other wire-free systems, it’s doorbell unit is completely battery free. The wireless signal that gets sent when someone presses the button is powered completely by the kinetic energy of the button press itself, no matter how many times it gets used! And, despite being battery-free, the wireless signal can still reach up to 500ft to trigger the chimes on the included 2 plugin chime receivers.

Ideal for those looking for a pain-free doorbell installation for their home, or don’t want to modification to an apartment or condo.

Battery-Free Wireless Doorbell Features:

  • Completely Battery-Free: The doorbell is self-powered, forever, and the two receivers can be plugged into any standard outlet
  • Long range: The doorbell button can be placed up to¬†500ft away from either receiver!
  • Waterproof, rated at IP44: Transmitter button is waterproof, so don’t worry about leaving outdoors.
  • Customizable: Pick from 25 different chime tones, and 3 volume levels.
  • Great value: For a very reasonable price, you get the doorbell push button, plus two receivers