The Automatic Connected Car Adapter is such a unique product that the easiest way to see what it does is for me to show you with a video:

In short, the Automatic AUT-350C Car Adapter turns your regular old car into a “smart car” that can provide feedback, both on how it is running internally, and how you are controlling it. It’s key selling point is on tracking fuel efficiency and becoming a better driver, but I feel like more users actually get more value of its function as a smart OBD-II adapter that can diagnose check engine light codes and save you hundreds on a trip to the mechanics.

Official website:

The Automatic Connected Car Adapter Key Features:

  • (This PRO model): Built in 3G – no cellphone required to upload data, and will log data no matter who is driving
  • Remembers where you parked your car
  • Can notify family and 911 in case of a crash
  • Smart decoding of check engine light codes, plus the ability to clear minor codes
  • Integrates with several third party platforms so you can have automatic flows – for example, turning on connected lights in your house as soon as you arrive in the driveway
  • Integrates with the Amazon Echo / Alexa
  • Track every trip – time, miles per gallon, speed, distance – improve your trips and save money on gas

Pro vs Lite:

There are two versions of the Automatic adapter available for purchase  – the pro and the lite. The main difference is the Pro comes with built in 3G – this means instead of connecting to your phone and then using your phone’s data plan to upload trip info, the adapter connects directly to cell towers, no smartphone required. The 3G is absolutely free and unlimited for life, no subscription required. This honestly makes the Pro a lot more desirable at barely any extra cost over the Lite model. If you are trying to decide between the two, I would recommend the Pro. Even if your cellphone has an unlimited data plan, the 3G is still worth it in case a friend borrows your car so you can still track trips without it needing to connect to their phone.


Considering that even the pro model is just a one time purchase and requires no subscription fees, the Automatic Connected Car Adapter is really a great bargain for what it provides. Heck, if all it provided was the check engine light diagnoses and car parking tracker, it still would be a bargain. Add in the trip tracking and automated integrations and this becomes a very attractive and affordable upgrade for your car.

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